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12 (Year 6)

Welcome to Class 12's website page! 

Welcome back after the Easter break! This is your final term at St Joseph's! This is an important term for you all, we have lots of work to do and I'm sure you are up for the challenge! Let's do it!

Mrs Gore.

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Palm Sunday Assembly

Palm Sunday Assembly 1
Palm Sunday Assembly 2
Palm Sunday Assembly 3
Palm Sunday Assembly 4
Palm Sunday Assembly 5
Today we retold the story of Palm Sunday from a slightly different viewpoint. We read the story of Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem from the donkey's point of view- Hanna. She was a sickly donkey and not able to work hard like her brothers and sisters until Jesus borrowed her for His triumphant arrival. She found that through her belief and faith in Jesus that she was able to carry Him through the streets and realised that her faith had healed her. This is a lot like our mission statement as we all believe that with Jesus in our hearts and heads we can achieve anything! Well done Class 12 this was a beautiful assembly!

World Book Day!

At last- we got to dress up as our favourite book characters without the pesky snow getting in the way!

Well done Class 12- you all looked amazing today!

Congratulations to Natalie Killoran- who was our class winner- she dressed as Hagrid from Harry Potter.

Even the teachers got involved! Who can you spot?

Picture 1

Perseus and Medusa- the production!

Today, as part of 'Reading Week' we were lucky enough to enjoy a live performance of Perseus and Medusa! The Hobgoblin theatre company visited us and performed the play. It was excellent!

Reading Week. Starbooks afternoon

Reading Week. Starbooks afternoon 1
Reading Week. Starbooks afternoon 2
Reading Week. Starbooks afternoon 3
A huge thank you to all of the parents and grandparents that braved the weather and attended our 'Starbooks' afternoon! The children loved it and your effort and support is very much appreciated! Thank you.

A day in the life of a World War 2 survivor!

Vicious Vikings

As part of our history learning we dressed up in replica clothing. We felt like true Vikings!
Today we had a delicious Christmas dinner! We helped classes 1 and 2 in the hall and had a lovely time singing Christmas songs whilst eating! Thank you to all the dinner staff and lunchtime supervisors! Merry Christmas everyone!

Class Assembly- Remembrance

A gifted mathematician, Ada Lovelace is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s.

The daughter of famed poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace—better known as "Ada Lovelace"—was born in London on December 10, 1815. Ada showed her gift for mathematics at an early age. She translated an article on an invention by Charles Babbage, and added her own comments. Because she introduced many computer concepts, Ada is considered the first computer programmer. Ada died on November 27, 1852.

We followed in Ada’s footsteps by programming, adding to the Minecraft game, creating our own circuit boards using conductivity paint.

Investigating circuits

Year 6 Charter 2017-2018

We worked together as a year group and discussed what a 'smart' Year 6 pupil should be like here at St Joseph's.

We came up with lots of brilliant ideas. We have agreed that we are now mature enough to take on the extra responsibility and be good role models to others. Our gold ties will be a sign to everyone that St Joseph's Year 6's are the ones to watch! We will show everyone how to behave in and around school. We will be excellent learners and try our best in everything that we do!

We wear our gold ties with pride!

We wear our gold ties with pride! 1

Mad Science Assembly

Wednesday 27th September 2017

We had a super scientific time at today's assembly! The visiting scientist amazed us with lots of experiments! She even held fire in her hand! The assembly definitely inspired us to become 'Mad Scientists!'


What is the relationship between the Diameter, Radius and Circumference of a circle? We investigated!

Through investigating, we now know that the Radius is half of the Diameter and the Circumference is 3 times the Diameter!