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12 (Year 6)

Robinwood Letter 6th June 2017

Welcome to Class 12’s section of our website.


We have all settled in to life in Year 6 very well and having written our own Year 6 Charter, we are now wearing our gold ties with pride.

This page is to give you some information about the procedures in Class 12.


Reading Books: - Reading books will be changed whenever the children complete a book. Please encourage the children to read each evening (minimum of 10 minutes). Whenever possible, please listen to the children read, as when they read aloud they develop their confidence and their expression.

Please can you also discuss the events of the book with them. Ask them who their favourite characters are; what they like about the book, and what they dislike about the book. The more the children discuss about the book the more their understanding and confidence develop and so does their love of reading.


Homework: - Homework is to be given out each Friday and is to be returned the following Friday. New for this year is a weekly maths SAFE challenge which is aimed to keep children familiar with the ‘outer’ areas of maths. The idea with these is for the children to be beat their score from the previous week. We are not expecting the children to get full marks straight – this is the aim for the end of the term before we move on to the next stage.


Times Tables: By Year 6, the children should know their times tables and should be able to instantly recall their tables without having to count up. If they are unable to do this they will be given a weekly Learn It – please take the time to help the children learn this and to put the times tables in to real life situations.


It is essential the children know their times tables as they are needed throughout the Year 6 maths curriculum.


PE: - The children will take part in two PE lessons per week: Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. Please can you make sure that their PE kit is in school for these lessons.

If for any reason you would like to discuss anything with me, please contact the office and they will pass on your details to me.


Mr Marshall and Miss O’Brien

World Book Week


This week we have been celebrating World Book Week and this year's theme has been Fairy Tales. Now, at first, the children thought they were a little tool old for Fairy Tales but as the week has passed they have changed their mind. We have been looking at a book by the artist Sean Tann who has created a sculpture to represent Grimm's Fairy Tales. We have looked at the Fairy Tales and then we have written a story based on the Fairy Tale the Three Brothers which is told in the Harry Potter books.


The children have also had story-time with other teachers, a pyjama party (with cookies and milk) and a Guess the Teachers' Favourite Book competition.


To round off the perfect week, we all came to school dressed as a book character. Have a look at our gallery to see some of the fab pictures from this week.

Science Week


In addition to our usual Science lessons and topic, along with the whole school we carried out a number of Scientific Investigations during Science Week.  This year's theme was Change. We looked at how solids can change into liquids and into gases and we discussed why this happens. We also looked at how the wind changes direction (thankfully we have lots of windy days in our playground). The children learnt lots and had lots of fun. Well done all.

Trip to Castleshaw


Class 12 have had a very tiring but amazing day at The Castleshaw Centre in Saddleworth. We visited as part of our topic on rivers. We had the opportunity to trace a river, back to a stream and then to its source. We discovered that a river has many different sources and we found two of them today. 


We also looked at reservoirs and the important role they play.


Throughout the day, the children walked just over 9km - and they didn't moan once.


The children learnt lots, had lots of fun and their behaviour was absolutely fantastic.


Well done Class 12.

Jodrell Bank Visit

To support our Space topic we all visited Jodrell Bank in Cheshire. When we were there, we conducted lots of scientific investigations and we all had an opportunity to visit the Planetarium in which we were able to look for planets and constellations in the night sky.


We all had an amazing day and the children, in addition to learning lots, behaved brilliantly.

Visiting Author helps us create a Criminal Gang:


Today, a real life author has visited us in school. He started off by telling us all about himself and then told us about how he develops his ideas for a book. In our class workshop, he asked us to think of a good character who would make a good criminal. We had to then think of good and bad characteristics for our criminal and think of ways in which he would be either a good or a bad criminal.


When we had developed our own characters, we put them together with other characters from our group and we developed a criminal gang. As a group, we then worked on a story for this gang and the type of bad things they might do.

All Saints' Day:


As part of our All Saints' Day celebrations, we went to celebrate the Eucharist at St Joseph's church. Father Paul told us about lots of different Saints that are commemorated within church.


When we returned to school, we looked at the process a person goes through before they are made a Saint. We then had an opportunity to research a Saint of our choosing then told the rest of the class about their lives.

Teaching each other about World Religions

Teaching each other about World Religions 1
Teaching each other about World Religions 2

As part of our World Religions Week - each year group studied a different Religion. Class 12 studied Judaism. We looked at the main beliefs within Judaism and picked out comparisons with our own. In addition to this, we looked at a variety of Jewish festivals and looked at the different things a Jewish person takes part in during these festivals. In particular, we focussed on the festivals of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.


At the end of the week, a group of children then went to Year 2 to teach them about the things we had found out about Judaism. The year 2 children then came to our class to teach us about the religion they had learnt about: Sikhism.

Crucial Crew

Year 6 had the opportunity to visit Crucial Crew to learn all about keeping safe.