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St Joseph’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies & Statements > Safeguarding Policy.

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Building Works 2018

Our finished classroom models- using our chosen design and lots of patience!!

Measuring and cutting our frames from wood to act as our steel beams structure and researching our classroom resources- lots of maths!

Hey parents!


This week, the year 5`s have been preparing for building their models of their future class rooms that they designed. We met the site manager again at their cabins, we talked about how the skylights are going to be removed and how they have built the scaffolding and parts of the walls. Next week we are building our class room designs that are going to be made out of wood and would be designing our class room in PINK! Miss Mills is going to bring in some little pieces of wallpaper and carpet in so we can decorate the new class rooms. 

Make sure you come back next week to see our models 

From Olivia and Phoebe  

Hi Parents and community,


Today we have looked at the building plans to look at where things like the windows and the doors will be- we were very impressed with the progress made over the Easter holidays!


We have looked at what has been done to the ground floor before they move onto the first floor.


All of year 5, who are training to become professional engineers (!), tried to identify where everything went. In pairs, we designed a scale model of our own classrooms using ratios and measurements. 


From Year 5


"I found it difficult to fit everything into my classroom and show where it was!" James (class 10)


"It was fun to draw the furniture in our classroom and use a scale." Oliver M (class 11)



Please see our photos below.

Photography by Lauren and Izabelle

Hey Parents and Community!


This week we have studied lots about the building site, such as: Interviewing a builder, thinking about what the future classrooms might look like and what furniture might be in the new classroom (Using the YPO catalogue and budgeting!)


Class 10 and some of Class 11 were given a task as part of their carousel afternoon to design what the future classrooms would look like. Some were crazy suggestions! Some were more normal- this made it funny to imagine the future.


Also, 5 lucky children got to interview the site manager (who is also a brick layer) to organise a whole school visit to the site on Wednesday 28th March. We looked at plans and discussed deadlines- aswell as the noisy machinery!


Thankyou for reading our blog- Check back soon!

Charlie and Phoebe (Class 10)

Meeting and interview with the Building site manager (Friday 23rd March)



Dear Parents and community,


The builders are creating a tunnel for pipes and drains. On Wednesday they finished off breaking the concrete- this was very loud!

Mud was even splashed onto class 10's windows to create a pokka dot pattern. Jay thinks it looks like the builders have created a pokka dot pattern!

Phoebe, Olivia, Levi and Harry will be interviewing the site manager again tomorrow. We are hoping to get an update and arrange some site visits for the rest of the school- so keep updated!



Class 10

Photography by James



Hi Parents and Community of St Joseph's,


We would like to inform you about our building works which are going on!

We are having two new classrooms, upstairs toilets and new offices/staff room. PLP construction have already started on the ground floor- the drains.

Isn't it exciting that you can come with us on our journey? In these events safety comes first!


Our blogs (once a week) will keep you informed on what is happening. The works are due to finish in August so we will be revealing our school next September.


Our teachers are glad about one thing- the new staff room. The coffee will help them to keep awake in class! Donuts and biscuits can be eaten at break and lunchtimes. They don't actually, it's a place for them to: mark books, meetings and talk. The teachers are lucky to get more room.


We think the children upstairs will be happy to have toilets up there- they don't have to walk all the way down!


Thankyou for reading our first blog.

Katy and Willow (Year 5)


P.S remember to check back next week for our video interview of the site manager!

Katy and Willow's blog

During our first meeting with the site manager, we looked at the plans for the new classroom extension. We compared this to how we might create videos on 'minecraft' or 'The Sims' games.

Photos of the building work so far! March 2018- Year 5 will be keeping you updated throughout.

Year 5 site safety posters- these will be posted around school to raise awareness of staying safe whilst the builders are carrying out their work.