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Class 12 (Years 5 and 6)

  Practical Maths

 We worked in pairs to systematically solve visual puzzles.

Science Week Workshop: We used our engineering and computing skills to design and produce a model car. We then programmed it to move!

World Faith Week: Buddhism

 Thomas, our origami expert, taught us how to make lotus flowers. The lotus flower is a symbol of Buddhism.
 For all the exciting things we are going to be doing this half term, have a look at our newsletter!

Year 6 SATs Presentation for Parents

Investigating how we see things and how light is reflected. (Photographs by Oliver!)

World Book Week

We had a fabulous World Book Week! we chose to study Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet. We researched Shakespeare himself,

to find out why he is known as ‘The Greatest Playwright' We then read Hamlet and discussed the main characters

 and plot, and wrote our own versions of the play. These are our favourite quotes from the play!




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Picture 2

We joined up with children from classes 11 and 13 and retold the story of Hamlet to them. Class 11 told us the story of The Tempest and Class 13 retold Macbeth.

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Picture 3
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We really enjoyed our parents and grandparents coming to read with us!
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Investigating Shadows

Investigating Shadows 1
Investigating Shadows 2
Investigating Shadows 3
Investigating Shadows 4
Investigating Shadows 5

Spring 2 Newsletter

Internet Safety Day: 5th February 2019

Today, we learnt about Online Stranger Danger. We thought about who we actually ‘talk’ to online and asked the question, ’Do we really know who we are talking to?’ We made a web, highlighting the possible dangers we face online and discussed what we can do to keep safe. We shared a PowerPoint and a powerful video, which showed the consequences of what can happen when the person we chat to online isn’t really who they say they are. We then made ‘Online Danger Stranger’ leaflets and posters, trying to get the ‘stay safe’ message across to others.

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Design and Technology Week: 28.1.19


During D & T week ,we made ‘Maids of Honour’ tarts. These are traditional English baked tarts, with a puff pastry case and a jam and almond filling. The tart is said to date back to King Henry VIII, when he witnesses some of the Queen's Maids of honour eating the cakes and demanded to taste one. He found them delicious and named them after the maids. There are ideas that go even further, citing that the maid who made the tarts was imprisoned and had to produce them solely for the King. However, there is another theory that they were named after Anne Boleyn, a maid of honour at the time, who made the cakes for Henry VIII.

We also designed and constructed Tudor galleons, using a variety of materials and a range of techniques. The galleon was developed in the early 16th century. Tudor galleons were three-masted and square-rigged, usually with two decks. Its main batteries/ cannons were in the broadsides. Galleons were used to transport treasure and other cargo from the Americas, particularly by Spanish and Portuguese traders. The Mayflower was the flagship Tudor galleon of Henry V111.We tried to make our galleons as authentic as possible!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome back Class 12 - I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday and you are ready to do some amazing work in 2019!

Have a  look at our newsletter to see what is in store for you this half term!

Spring 1 Newsletter

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic, the curators from Manchester Museum brought their Egyptian exhibits to us! In groups, we chose an Egyptian character to research. We then chose items, from a selection of artefacts, which we thought our character would have owned in their lifetimes. We used ipads to photograph the items and made our own information pages. In turn, we became museum curators, explaining our decision making to our visitors, and then we had the chance to visit each other’s ‘museums’.

Inflatable Museum

Inflatable Museum 1
Inflatable Museum 2
Inflatable Museum 3
Inflatable Museum 4
Inflatable Museum 5
Inflatable Museum 6
Inflatable Museum 7

Celebrating Black History Week

Science: Investigating forces

Science: Investigating forces 1
Science: Investigating forces 2
Science: Investigating forces 3
Science: Investigating forces 4
Congratulations to our Year 6s who have received their gold ties! I'm sure you will be an absolute credit to our school and set a wonderful  example for our younger pupils! 
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Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a lovely holiday and have come back ready to work hard and be a fabulous Yr 5/6 group! I'm sure we are going to have a wonderful year together!

Have a look at our newsletter to see all the super things we are going to do this half term!