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Year 5

Home Learning Document: 30/03/20 - 03/04/20


I hope everyone is keeping well. This is Year 5's home learning document for this week. It contains all of your writing tasks for this week.


Please complete 1 a day and remember to keep energetic, keep happy and keep learning.

English writing tasks

Video Geri’s game: watch the video and write down what you think happened in the story. I will be writing some sentence stacks for a story opening, ending and two main paragraphs. You will create your own versions of these paragraphs using similar features to me


Paragraph 1 (Opening): In the calm quiet of early morning, not a soul walked through the usually busy park. The birds sang a soft lullaby and the sounds of distant traffic drifted over the park as if the whole world was underwater. The day seemed to be poised waiting for the right moment to explode into action; all of the tables and chairs scattered across the park’s gravelled area remained motionless, waiting. Then, the silence was disturbed by the quiet plod of Geri.

Fronted adverbial – Simile – Semi-colon – Interesting verbs.


Paragraph 2 (Story paragraph 1): Carefully, Geri sat down across from an empty, expectant seat. Then, he suddenly slammed down the chess board on to the table, which startled some birds from a nearby tree. Geri scattered the pieces across the board and began to carefully, cautiously lay them in their places. He made the first move.

Fronted adverbial – Time conjunction for cohesion – adverbs – short sentence.


Paragraph 3 (Story paragraph): Geri smashed forward his black piece and casually chucked the disposed knight into the box. Laughing to himself, Geri knew he was the better player than his opponent. He thought of all of the games he had won against him and a sense of pride went through him. Will he win again?

Adverb – Subordinate clause – Thoughts and feelings – Rhetorical question.


Paragraph 4: The city continued to wake up slowly; Geri’s intense competition was about to be interrupted. Another day and another close game. Maybe tomorrow he would he could play against somebody else, but maybe not. Geri stood up and left.

Semi-colon separating two main clauses – repetitive phrase – conjunction – short sentence.


Task: Retell the story in the video in your own written narrative (story). Remember to use those paragraphs you have already written.

These are some helpful maths documents!