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Class 13 (Year 6)

Welcome to Class 13's web page!

The end of the first Spring term is here already and lots of hard work has been done! Well done Class 13- another amazing half term.

Get ready for Spring 2- we will be travelling back to the time of the Ancient Greeks! Look at the curriculum newsletter to find out what lies in store!


Mrs Gore, Mrs Holt, Mrs Cadd




Robinwood Parents Information Meeting

Design and Technology week!

Here we are trying out our baking skills! We have been making (and eating) 'Maids of Honour' tarts. These are a traditional English tart, made of puff pastry filled with almond-flavoured curd cheese and are said to date from the time of King Henry VIII. They were delicious!

25th January Class Assembly; Forgiveness

Matching fractions,decimals and percentages!

The Inflatable Manchester Musuem

The inflatable Manchester museum! Today, we were visited by a 'pop-up' museum. We were taught all about Ancient Egypt and were lucky enough to handle some actual artefacts. It was amazing!

Black History Week- The Mighty Zulu Nation

WOW! What an explosive and vibrant start to Black History Week! The Zulu dancers taught us all about their language, clothing and culture! It was amazing!


Class Assembly- October is the month of the Holy Rosary

Gold Ties!

Gold Ties! 1

Today, our new Year 6s received their very special gold ties. Don't they look smart? We look forward to celebrating all of the wonderful things that they achieve this year.

Being in Year 6 means being the best example that we can be to everyone who is younger than us in school. We discussed what a 'smart Year 6 pupil' should look like and how they should behave. We have set high expectations for ourselves and are determined to make everyone proud. The Year 6 Charter is a list of the expectations that we have set for ourselves- written by us and signed to say that we promise to fulfil them.

The "Year 6 Charter" being created......

The "Year 6 Charter" being created...... 1
The "Year 6 Charter" being created...... 2
The "Year 6 Charter" being created...... 3
The "Year 6 Charter" being created...... 4

Investigating the effect of gravity-is there a relationship between the size of the object and the depth and diameter of the crater left behind?

Historical Enquiry- Who used these objects? What were they for? What are they made from? How old do you think the artefacts are? What makes you think that?