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Class 3 (Year 1)

We are making wonderful preparations at home for Jesus' birthday!

We are making wonderful preparations at home for Jesus' birthday! 1
In Class 3 we have started our preparations for the birth of Jesus one again! We spent some lovely time together praying for things we hoped for using the first candle on our Advent Wreath. We hoped for peace, love and friendship along with many other 'hopes' the children shared. We prayed with our Advent bag so that the children can share this special time with you at home. We have all written Advent promises to try to work towards leading up to Christmas so please ask your children if they can remember what they have promised to do!
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What a wonderful time we had in Class 3 this afternoon when the Zoo2U animals visited us! We met a reptile, an invertebrate, two mammals and a bird. I wonder if the children can remember the names of them?
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Please read this term's newsletter to find out about our learning!

October - the month of the Holy Rosary

In Class 3 we are trying really hard to learn the Hail Mary during October to help when we are praying the rosary. We have prayed together using our rosary bag and we are working hard to try to be chosen to take the bag home. Any photographs of the children praying at home would be appreciated as we would love to put them on the website for everyone to see. Please look after our rosary bag as it is very precious to us. Thank you.


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Thank you for visiting our Class Page. We hope you enjoy what you see.

The teachers in Class 3 are:

Mrs Green ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Russell ( Thursday and Friday)

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Gerrard .


Class Timetable





 Please bring your reading book to school every day. Reading books will only be changed if the reading record is signed.


Bring reading books to school.


 Bring reading books to school.


 Bring reading books to school.



 Bring reading book to school.

PE kit required.




Bring reading book to school.

P.E. kit required

Spelling test and new spellings given out.

Learn it tests and new learn it handed out.



Please regularly check as the timetable can change.


Water Bottles (Please fill with water only).

Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to school each day to drink in throughout the day. It must however have a 'sports lid' that reduces the risk of spills. We encourage the children to take them home each evening, rinse them and bring them in full each day.

Internet Safety

There is a new resource for parents and carers about internet safety.  "Video guides for the free ISP parental controls".   These guidelines have been produced by Safer internet who have been working with BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media, who have each made short video clips outlining where you can find their free parental controls, what they do and how you set them up.  

These films are available on the UK Safer Internet Centre website and you can embed the films if you want to use them or download them.  See .  Do please make use of them and let people know about them.     The ISPs have committed to keeping these films updated, and if you embed the films on your site, we are able to update them for you if they change.