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Safeguarding Notice

St Joseph’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies & Statements > Safeguarding Policy.

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Class 3 (Year 1)

Have a look at these exciting tasks for you to complete at home!

Suggested Daily Timetable for Year 1

Can you be the prayer leader in your home? Teach your family our daily prayers!

This week's prayer

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

God is breath


God is the strong wind

that shapes the earth and the sea

and makes the stars shine

to the farthest edge of the heavens.

God is the breath of all living creatures,

the breeze that stirs their hearts,

that refreshes their souls

and renews their spirits.


(Images of God for young children; Marie-Helene Delval: Eerdmans 2001)


What does this prayer make you think of? Can you draw a picture?

Maths Challenge!

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Roll your dice twice and note down the numbers. What two digit number do you make? Can you switch the two numbers to make a different number? Find the numbers on your grid square and circle them. Repeat until you can recognise two digit numbers, say them confidently and find them quickly on your grid square!


Science Challenge Animal Questions


Which animal group does your animal belong to? What features does it have? What does it eat? Is it an omnivore, carnivore or herbivore?




Don't forget to keep fit!

Enjoy your home learning and don't forget to bring your pack back in so that we can celebrate your wonderful work!
Please read our Spring 1 newsletter to find out what we will be learning this half term!

Greedy Naughty Bus!

Mrs Green had made a jelly to celebrate the school's birthday but when Mrs Gerrard got it out of the fridge we found out where naughty bus had been hiding! He had grown....

Naughty Bus escapes!

Oh no! Naughty bus managed to escape from his box and find his way into the staff room. Unfortunately he found Mr Riley having his mid-morning nap and decided that Mr Riley needed a moustache. Back on a red card Naughty Bus!

What a catastrophe!

Naughty Bus has been causing chaos in Class 3 by tipping our maths equipment all over the floor. Mrs Dunne visited the classroom to tell him that she was absolutely furious! Mrs Gerrard has had to fasten him in a box to stop any more mischief.

Please read our newsletter to see the exciting learning opportunities for Class 3 during Autumn 2!

Geography Week

Class 3 enjoyed an informative trip to Heywood library yesterday pointing out the Heywood landmarks we are familiar with and investigating how we can use road signs to help us. We were able to borrow books from the library before returning to school where we all received a library card! We are looking forward to hearing which books the children choose to read at home with their new cards. Today we are going to create a map of Heywood in class using the knowledge we gained yesterday. We might even use the Cha Cha slide to help us with our directional vocabulary!


Welcome to all the new members of Class 3. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us. 

Thank you for visiting our Class Page.

The teachers in Class 3 are:

Mrs Green ( Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Russell ( Thursday and Friday)

Our teaching assistant is Mrs Gerrard. Mrs Smith and Mrs Cadd will also support our class throughout the week.


Class Timetable







 Please bring your reading book to school every day. Reading books will only be changed if the reading record is signed.


 Bring reading book to school.


 Bring reading book and PE kit to school.


 Bring reading book to school.



 Bring reading book and PE kit to school.




 Bring reading book to school.




Please regularly check as the timetable can change.


Water Bottles (Please fill with water only).

Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle to school each day to drink in throughout the day. It must however have a 'sports lid' that reduces the risk of spills and we are discouraging single use plastic bottles in line with Pope Francis' request for us to care for our world. We encourage the children to take them home each evening, rinse them and bring them in full each day.

Please read our Autumn 1 newsletter to find out what we will be doing this half term!

Internet Safety

There is a new resource for parents and carers about internet safety.  "Video guides for the free ISP parental controls".   These guidelines have been produced by Safer internet who have been working with BT, Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media, who have each made short video clips outlining where you can find their free parental controls, what they do and how you set them up.  

These films are available on the UK Safer Internet Centre website and you can embed the films if you want to use them or download them.  See .  Do please make use of them and let people know about them.     The ISPs have committed to keeping these films updated, and if you embed the films on your site, we are able to update them for you if they change.