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Class 9 (Year 4)

24.5.22 Jubilee Celebrations - Picnic Prep!

In preparation for our Lower Key Stage 2 celebration of the Queen's Jubilee tomorrow, Class 9 have spent our morning preparing 120 jam tarts! We even made our own pastry from scratch! To do this we found a recipe and adapted it so that the recipe would produce 120 jam tarts instead of a mere 12. We can't wait for everyone to try them tomorrow.

Today, we travelled to the Castleshaw centre (Saddleworth, Delph). Whilst we were there, we explored the valley, travelling upstream to find the source of a stream. After lunch we used nets to dip for animals in the stream. We couldn't believe what a variety of wildlife there was! 

Year 4 Summer 1 Newsletter

Easter Fundraiser - Easter Bonnet Parade - 8.4.22

Today, we brought in our own Easter bonnets, that we made at home. Year 4 gathered together to share our fantastic creations!

Performing Poetry - 15.3.22

Today, we discussed the features within the poem 'River Journey', by Moira Andrew. We learned how poets create images with words in the same way that painters use paint. We listened to a variety of poets performing their work. We noticed how important it is to use expression and intonation with our voices in order to engage with our audience. We then spent some time practicing reciting our class poem together. What do you think?

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World Book Day - 3.3.22

Wow, what a day! After taking part in our parade this morning, we learned about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Did you know she trained to be a mechanic during WW2? We then wrote letters to the Queen and asked her questions about her life. We really hope to get a response! Finally, we each chose our own monarch from history and attempted to create our own portraits of them.

Scroll and Crown Winners - World Book Day

World Book Day - Monarchs

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Take a look at our parade of crowns in our very own 'Coronation Catwalk'!

Today in Religion, we discussed the importance of Ash Wednesday as it signals the start of Lent. We read different Gospel entries that described Jesus’ time in the desert, where Satan tried to tempt him. Jesus’ faith in His Father was stronger than any of his worldly desires and he could not be tempted. We then held a class liturgy and asked for God’s forgiveness for the times we have succumbed to temptation. We then made our own Lenten promises.

Prayer and Worship - Ash Wednesday

Year 4 Spring 2 Newsletter


During this term, our new topic will be ‘Water Worlds’! A topic which, as the title suggests, focuses on everything to do with water; from the study of rivers, to the water cycle. We will even be investigating the great Sir Francis Drake, a Tudor explorer famous for his watery voyages of discovery! Within this topic we will be focusing on History, Geography, Science and Art.


Our Religious studies, we will be focusing on Lent. In the Christian community, Lent is a time to prepare for Easter. It is a time of spiritual growth.
If we want to be followers of God we must be prepared to help the needs of others and what they can do to help. We will be supporting the children in their Lenten promises and their almsgiving during Lent, supporting their faith journey to help bring them closer to God. 


In History, we will be learning all about Tudor water exploration, the reasons why they deemed their voyages so important, and why Sir Francis Drake (in particular) was key to Tudor exploration.


In Geography, we are going to find out about rivers and how they erode, transport and deposit materials. We will find out why rivers are important. We will investigate the causes of river pollution and the effect it has on the environment. We are also going to investigate a river in detail, including the effects on the environment and landscape.


In Art, we will be improving our mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing and painting. We will be studying the painter; Monet and looking at local water colour artists too!


In Science, our learning will be based on ‘Living things and their habitats’. Pupils will be taught to classify, group and name animals in a number of ways, including looking at their natural environments. We will also construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey.


Our Water World studies will not just be limited to our foundation subject studies. Our English will be based around the text ‘The Girl with the Sharks teeth’ by Cerrie Burnell, as well as the use of other beautiful and enriching texts, ‘A River’ by Marc Martin, ‘Once Upon a Raindrop’ by James Carter and a variety of non-fiction texts from our Text Tubs.









In Maths, we will be developing our mental calculation strategies and learning transferring our knowledge on fractions to applying this to decimals. Homework will be set on and will mirror what we have been learning in class. We will continue to perfect our time table knowledge.


P.E. in Year 4.

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on the following days:

Class 9 – Monday and Wednesday

Class 10- Monday and Thursday


Class 10 will continue with their swimming lessons every Thursday, so please make sure that they bring their swimming kits with them.


We hope that your children have an exciting and enjoyable time this half term and that they are filled with enthusiasm for their learning. We are looking forward to seeing the children grow, develop and progress in their learning.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs Loraine and Mr Jarvis



Today we discussed the diet of the Ancient Greeks. We then tried tasting a variety of traditional Greek foods. Who knew anchovies were such a treat?

Exploring Electricity!

Today we completed our KWL grid as a class. We spoke about circuits but we weren’t sure what they were. Mr Jarvis then gave us lots of electrical equipment and told us that our task was to make the bulb light up. At first, this was really tricky! We had never done this before. We worked together as a team and all managed to light up the bulb. We discussed how the metal parts of the circuit had to touch. We’re really looking forward to finding out why this worked!

Welcome to our website. Throughout the year this page will be regularly updated so you can keep up to date with all our wonderful learning and the fantastic things that are happening in Class 9! 

Mr Jarvis 


Our PE day is Wednesday. Please come to school in your PE kit on this day!

Class 9 will be attending swimming lessons every Thursday, as of the 9th September.

Spelling Shed - Spellings Homework - Class 9 will do their test on a Wednesday each week

Autumn 1 Newsletter, Sept 2021

Rotten Romans! 

Today, during Topic, we looked at a variety of Roman artefacts and predicted what they might have been used for and who would have used them. We shared our ideas together before discovering the correct answer. We learned that Romans would wash themselves at a bathhouse and clean themselves with oil and a hook, called a strigil, to scrape away the dirt and grime.