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St Joseph’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies & Statements > Safeguarding Policy.

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Class 9 (Year 4)

Home Learning During School Closure



The word document above describes and explains all activities for Maths, Writing, Reading, Spelling, Religion and Topic for the children to complete while the school may be closed. If your child is fit and able, then please encourage them to do as much as possible. It can be done in any order, although we recommend that Maths tasks, reading and spelling are completed every day. 


Below are a variety of links, videos and documents which will support your children in completing their tasks. All of the children's work can be completed in the blue exercise book which they have brought home as part of their 'Home Learning Pack'


During any school closure, we will be updating the website as often as possible with new information, so please check it regularly.



Mr Callaghan



Use the video below to view the book Flotsam, which we are currently reading in class.





Try to keep fit and active by exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes. Check out these fun videos that Mr Riley has found for you!


Joe Wicks - Active 8 minute workout 1.


Joe Wicks - Active 8 minute workout 2.


Joe Wicks - Active 8 minute workout 3.


Joe Wicks - Active 8 minute workout 4.


Joe Wicks - Active 8 minute workout 5.


The Water Cycle


The following links below will be useful to help the children complete their water cycle task:


Reading and Maths Sites


The following links below will be useful to help the children complete their reading and maths tasks:


Times Table Rockstars Website Play this game to become a Rock Legend by practicing your times tables as much as possible
  • MyMaths Website Maths challenges will be posted in your child's area every day that school is closed
  • Reading Alternative A useful link which has a range of different reading activities for the children
  • Reading Alternative A useful link which has a range of different reading activities for the children

Linking Project                                                        Wednesday 11th March 2020


On Wednesday, class 4C from St Peter’s visited class 9 at St Joseph’s school as part of our linking project. We made posters and welcomed 4C at our reception. The children were pleased to catch up with each other after our initial visit to the M6 theatre. To start of the day, we played some ice breaker games in our school hall. We then separated into two classes and discussed the children’s two main places of worship- the mosque and the church. Children discussed what things they would expect to find in their places of worship and then collaborated to design a place of worship which included the most important things. In the afternoon, children discussed what they would need on a desert island as part of a community. They then proceeded to create the island using junk modelling to do so. We look forward to our return trip to St Peter’s later in the year.

Dippy the Dinosaur Comes to Rochdale Wednesday 4th March 2020


On Wednesday, Class 9 made the trip into Rochdale town centre to visit Dippy the Diplodocus. Dippy’s skeleton measures 21.3 metres in length and is over 4 metres in width and height. Dippy was a herbivorous dinosaur that lived more than 160 million years ago in the Mesozoic Era. After we had visited Dippy, we made our way to the Touchstones museum where there was a display all about dinosaurs. The children had a great day out and learned a lot along the way.


Please see pictures below.

Parent/Carer Read Along
On Thursday 30th of January, we had a great turn out of parents/carers coming into Class  9 to read with the children. As a school we strive to promote a love of reading and events like this, that are supported so well, will hopefully continue to fuel that. Thank you for your continued support. It really does make a huge difference. Please see some pictures of the event below.

Little Monkeys Charity Shop Visit                      Wednesday 29th January 2020


As part of our Come and See Community topic, we have been looking into how we could best serve our local community of Heywood. After much discussion, the children of Class 9 decided that the best thing we could do would be to take a gift to the local charity shop ‘Little Monkeys’. Their aim is “To enrich the physical, psychological and social well-being of disadvantaged children and pregnant women in Heywood, in order that the children may achieve more of their full potential as adult citizens.” On the day, children brought in either a toy, a book or an item of clothing that they no longer use and we made our way to the shop to be greeted by Doug and Alice who are the owners of the shop. They have run the shop for a number of year and were able to inform the children of how the organisation works and how they help people. They even informed us of their recent visit to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen as a celebration for all of their hard work. This was a great way for our children to act as Witness to God’s message.

Please see below the Class 9  Spring 1 curriculum newsletter.


Kind Regards Mr Callaghan

Class 9 Assembly                                       Friday 22nd November 2019


Today, Class 9 performed our class assembly for the rest of the school. The theme of the prayer and worship session was to know that we are all called by God and to think about how we act upon that calling. The children acted out scenes from the Bible including the story of Eli and Samuel, as well as the story of Samuel anointing David, who would go on to become the King of Israel. During our time of reflection, we asked the other children in the school to consider how they would react when they were called upon by God. Furthermore, we discussed the people in our lives who could act like Eli and point out the right path that God has chosen for us.


As part of our Linking Project, Class 9 took a trip out to the M6 Theatre to watch the play ‘Mission….Save the World’. The story was about superheroes Captain Clever and Captain Conker, who both had very different skills but had to work together to figure out how they could best work as a team. They finally managed to work together, whilst going through a journey of discovery about themselves and each other.

Prior to entering the theatre, the children were introduced to a partner child from our Linking Project School, St Peter’s. We played an ice breaker game of visible and invisible similarities in order to find out what we had in common (turns out we had lots in common.)

Once the show was over, we joined the children from St Peter’s and enjoyed our dinner together before working on our acting skills. The staff at the M6 Theatre and the actors from the play led the workshop and the children worked together with children from St Peter’s to come up with some freeze frame ideas for their own superhero. Additionally, each group of children had to come up with a superhero skill that their group would do.

Finally, the children got to ask the actors and the theatre staff some questions about the play before we said goodbye to our new friends and headed back to school.

Please see pictures below.

Please see the Autumn Term 2 class 9 newsletter below.

Class 9 Trip to Dewa- A Roman Experience


On Friday 27th of September, Class 9 went on a trip to Chester. We went to enhance our understanding of what life was like for the Romans in Britain. Chester used to have a fort which went by the name of Dewa.

In the morning, the children learned all about what the Roman’s ate, how they kept themselves clean and what was expected of them as a Roman soldier.

In the afternoon, the children were taken on a march around Chester where they put their soldier skills to the test. The children had to form up into a testudo formation whilst the ‘Celts’ (some snarling TA’s and Mr Callaghan) tried to penetrate their defences.

Finally, the children went to the amphitheatre in the centre of Chester, where they were treated to a gladiator fight between Sparticus (Mr Callaghan) and Xena (Miss Haynes). With Xena proving victorious, the vote was left to the crowd as to whether Sparticus lived or died. With more thumbs down than up, Sparticus was executed.

This week in class 9, we are celebrating Geography. We will participate in a number of Geography related lessons and learn different skills related to the subject. Children will learn about map skills, navigation and building their knowledge of the United Kingdom through a local study. The week will start with children learning to understand how to use an eight point compass. Moving on from that, the children will learn how to plot a route using an ordnance survey map. The following day we will follow the children's planned route through to the old RAF base in Heywood. Along the way, we will make note of the street names, some of which have been named after famous fighter pilots. Finally, we will research the famous street names and learn what the pilots did to receive the honour.

Welcome to Class 9's page!


Mrs Wilkinson, Miss Worsley and I are looking forward to welcoming our new class for the year. We are excited to get to know our new class 9 pupils.


The year starts with the theme Rotten Romans- we will be reading a Roman slave girl's diary and creating a battle cry for a Roman general. To enhance children's understanding of The Romans we will be visiting the Roman ruins in Chester.


Spellings will be tested each Friday and given out on the same day for the following week. Children are expected to have their P.E. kits in school for P.E. lessons which will be on a Monday. In addition to this, class 9 will begin their swimming lessons on Friday 13th September. Letters will be sent home with further information on this.


We will be taking part in the Rochdale Schools Linking Projects for the second year running. We will be linking with St Peter's year 4 class and look forward to making lots of new friends.


Please see attachment below for further details on this term plans.


Kind Regards Mr Callaghan

St Joseph's have signed up to pilot test a multiplication tables check. The test is only for children in year 4 and will go live next year. Children are currently practicing in school. The pilot test which will take place on Wednesday 26th of June.

The test consists of 25 random multiplication questions which go no higher than 12 x 12. Children are given 6 seconds to answer each question before moving onto the next one.

 If your child would like to practice for their multiplication test then please use the website as written below. (Please note this is not the actual site the pilot test will be completed on, it is just for practice.)

There is no obligation for your child to practice this. However, if you and your child feel it would be beneficial then please feel free to practice as much as you like.

Finally, please note that it is important to us at St Joseph's that your child does not get overly worried about the test. As previously stated it is a pilot test and we just expect your child to do their best, as I am sure they will.


World Book Week


Last week, class 9 celebrated world book week with a series of activities. During the week, class 9 were joined by two special guests as Mr Green and Mrs Green visited the class to read their favourite books to the children.


Additionally, class 9 were given the tough task of guessing every St Joseph's teachers favourite books, via a series of cryptic clues. The results will be given out in the near future.


On Tuesday afternoon, there were yet more special guests as some of the children's parents/carers came into school and read for the children in the class. The children enjoyed this experience immensely and I would like to thank those of you who were able to make it into school.


On Wednesday morning, the children were treated to a theatre show all about William Shakespeare who was the main focus of our world book week. The play also included some information about the Tudors and their reign on the British throne.


Finally, on Thursday (world book day) the children arrived in school ready  for bed as we celebrated with a pyjama party. The children brought in their favourite book and read them whilst indulging in milk and cookies.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work in helping make sure that the children of class 9 have engaged in our word book week activities. To quote Dr Seuss 'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go!'



Please see the attachment below for some photographic evidence of what the children have been doing this week.

Spring Term 2


Please see the attachment below for information on what is going on in class 9 this half term


Kind Regards Mr Callaghan

Throughout this half term, we have been learning all about ancient Greece. We have learned all about Greek myths and legends, who the gods were and about the culture of ancient Greece. As part of this topic, we decided to use our design and technology week to recreate some typical Greek food. Below are some pictures of the children in year 4 creating a meze. The meze included Greek salad, tzatziki, chicken kebabs and olives.



For our class assembly, we looked at the three most important gifts that we have been given by God- love, friendship and joy. Jesus set an example for us to follow in the way he acted with everybody he met. In our assembly we acted out the story of Jesus and the leper. We talked about how God gave us his only son to show us how much he loved us and the fact that this enables us to love all of the people in our lives.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16


Due to the amazing gift God gave us and the sacrifice he made, we are able to live our life full of joy, safe in the knowledge that God is by our side.



As part of our linking project with St Peter's C of E Primary school, we spent the day at M6 Theatre where we met our link class 4J.


The children had a fantastic day which included a performance of 'A Little Gift', various ice breaker games and a theatre workshop where they had to create freeze frames related to the performance they had watched earlier in the day.


We are due to continue with our linking work alongside class 4J in the new year.


Please see below some pictures of the children at M6 Theatre






Welcome to a brand new year in St Joseph's. We are looking forward to another enjoyable year as the children continue their KS2 journey and we have been spending the first few weeks getting to know some routines and expectations. 


We have been settling into our new class very well, meeting our new class mates, as well as staff. 


Throughout the year this page will be updated as often as possible to keep our parents up to date with all the fantastic things that are happening in Class 9! 


I hope you are all as excited about the new school year as we are at St Joseph's.


Mr Callaghan (Class Teacher) and Miss Docherty (Teaching Assistant)