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St Joseph’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies & Statements > Safeguarding Policy.

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Gift Team

Word of the week (13.7.20)

Prayer of the week

Living God, have mercy on us, for the times we forget that we belong to each other.

You call us to be still, to hear the whisper of our Sister Wind, to feel the radiance of our Brother Sun, and to be nourished by our Mother Earth.

Renew us in your healing love.

Inspire us to water the earth, and nurture one another, so all may flourish.

Together, as one family, may we always sing your praise.

Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Rachel McCarthy/CAFOD

Word of the week (6.7.20)

Prayer of the week (6.7.20)

God of judgment and mercy, thank you for your love,
which continually calls me to come closer to you.
Help me to see you in all people I meet
and to recognize how to serve you by helping others,
especially those in need.

Word of the Week Faith (29.6.20)

Prayer of the week (29.6.20)

Patient and loving God, fill us with faith like Saints Peter and Paul, and guide us to share this faith with others through all that we do.


Word of the Week Community (22.6.20)

Prayer of the week Adapted by Caritas Guinea (22.6.20)


Lord God, we entrust to you the families and communities

affected by Coronavirus, wherever they may be.

We pray especially for health care workers, that you may guide and protect them.

We pray that your Spirit might inspire those researching new medicines and treatments.

And in the midst of this, keep us strong in faith, hope and love. Grant us the courage and perseverance to be good neighbours.

May the words of your Son Jesus Christ in the Our Father,

be our prayer as we entrust ourselves and all of us who are affected

to your infinite power and love. 



Word of the Week (15.6.20) Hope

Prayer of the Week : Hope by Jane Holloway

Help us to share the Hope of our hearts with one another
Enable us to give Hope to others through Your work amongst us
Use us to transform our nation and to spread Your Hope to every corner of this nation.


Word of the Week: Patience

Prayer of the Week: The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

And wisdom to know the difference.

Prayer of the Week

God is a Path by Marie-Helene Delval

When everything looks too difficult,

when we don't know where to go anymore,

when it seems we stand before a closed gate

or on the bank of a river that is impossible to cross,

we need to call on God to help us go forward.

When we understand that his love awaits us,

we won't be mistaken about the path.

Word of the Week: Faith

During these times of fear and anxiety let's try to remember how our faith in God can help us.

Prayer of the Week

God is a Rock by Marie-Helene Delval

Rocks are hard. They are solid.

They support anything that is built on them-

a house, a strong castle.

You can stay standing on a rock

without ever fearing that you will sink down.


Maybe you could write a gratitude list this week listing all the ways that God is your rock right now!

Word of the Week: Perseverance

Many of us will be starting to miss normal school life and seeing our friends and teachers. This week let us ask Jesus to inspire us to complete our school work at home and give thanks for the many blessings we receive at school.


75th Anniversary of VE Day: Friday 8th May 2020

It might be nice to share these prayers this week as we remember the sacrifice made for us in the pass and also in the present.

Word of the Week: Remember

As we move towards the 75th anniversary of VE day on Friday let us recognise that sometimes it is good to remember what has gone before us as a lesson for the future.


A Prayer to share this week! 


God is a Friend by Marie-Helene Delval

You can tell everything to a friend.

You can also be silent around a friend and simply feel comfortable.

A friend finds the words to comfort you when you are sad,

and laughs with you when you are happy.

A friend listens, encourages, and understands.

God is like this - like the best of friends.


Word of the Week 27th April. This week's word of the week reminds us that even when times are tough, we can usually find something to be grateful for.

Please share this Holy Week Reflection as we journey together to Easter Sunday

A Prayer for this week. Maybe you could share the prayer with your families each day and draw the picture that it paints in your mind.


God is Wisdom by Marie-Helene Delval

Sometimes what happens on earth seems crazy!

People kill, wound, and imprison other people;

they destroy the animals and ruin the planet.

And yet, the earth and the heavens are so beautiful!

People are beautiful when they work together

to make life good for one another.

Then they bear the image of God,

who created the world with his wisdom.


This week's word of the week draws on what we are seeing around us at the moment - amazing acts of kindness in difficult times!

A Lent Reflection to share with your families as we approach Holy Week

The Chaplains’ Word of the week is Lent. Can you promise to be more prayerful this Lent?

Lest we forget...

Thank you to our wonderful new Gift team who led a moving and thoughtful Remembrance reflection on Tuesday lunchtime. They reminded us to not only offer a prayer of thanks for the people who keep us safe but also to remember innocent people around the world suffering the violence of war every day.

Word of the Week

Every week our pupil Chaplaincy team provide a word based challenge for all our pupils. This week, as it is St Valentine's Day, the Chaplains chose the word 'love.'

Hope in the Future

Our Pupil Chaplaincy Team are busy encouraging all the school to get involved in Hope in the Future. You will be familiar with Bishop John's request for us to act out our faith by engaging with our community and here in school we are trying to find ways that we can be more involved in parish life. All classes have been asked to come up with ideas so that in the future we will have more presence in our parish community.

On Friday 14th December our wonderful Chaplains attended mass in St. Joseph's RC church before distributing Christmas cards to the parishioners during refreshments. Their behaviour was impeccable with many parishioners commenting that they would love to see more of the pupil chaplains in the parish community. Well done Chaplains, you made us very proud!

Advent Candy Cane Challenge.

The Caritas Ambassadors would like all of our children to be stars of advent this year. Every child has received a candy cane of their own to take home and pass on to a member of the community. This will be their act of kindness and part of their advent preparation. The children have been told that they can choose a parishioner at church, a shopkeeper, an elderly member of their community or a neighbour - as long as their parents are with them and agree with who they choose.

We have asked, if possible, for parents or carers to take a photograph when the children pass on their candy cane and some people have already done this - please see below! We will continue posting them as they are sent in.

Please encourage your child to try hard during advent to complete the Candy Cane Challenge so that we may spread kindness around our school and the local community.

Advent Candy Cane Challenge - Are you ready...

We welcome our new members to our Chaplaincy Gift Team


On Friday 28th September Father Michael visited school for a very special occasion - the commissioning of our pupil chaplaincy team. Each member of the team has risen to a huge challenge by committing to being the face of Jesus in our school and as Father Michael blessed each one of the team I think we all felt very proud of them. We would like to thank all the parents who attended and made this occasion so special for their children.The pupils have already been working hard in school - watching out for children who need company on the yard, helping our foundation stage with dinnertime and praying the rosary during lunchtimes. Welcome and congratulations!

October - the month of the Holy Rosary

Thank you to our Chaplaincy Gift team for the beautiful and reflective Rosary they held on Wednesday. Thank you also to all the children who attended - it was the best attendance we have ever had! Please come along every Wednesday lunchtime to share this special time with us.


On Tuesday 26th June three members of our Chaplaincy team attended Bishop John Arnold's annual celebration of gifts and talents within our schools. This year's event was particularly important as the Bishop launched the Hope in the Future for schools plan, an initiative which has already begun in our parishes, and is a response to Pope Francis' call for us to develop our missionary identity. During the event we were able to reflect on and celebrate the amazing achievements of our Chaplaincy Team to date, whist thinking about how we might develop our role in the parish. The team received a San Damiano cross to display in school. San Damiano was the place where St Francis of Assisi heard the voice of Christ asking him to rebuild the church. This will serve as a reminder to us of our call to be missionaries both in school and in our parish community. Please pray that we are successful in our mission.


Hope in the Future Prayer for Schools

God our loving Father, we thank you

for blessing our parish communities

with all that we need

to respond to our vocation

to be missionary disciples.

We ask you to pour out afresh

the gifts of your Spirit upon each one of us,

that we may be inspired to serve you

in new and creative ways,

bringing your light into the world.

We ask your blessing upon us

as we journey together in hope

through Christ our Lord


Feast Day of Mary - Mother of the Church

On Monday 21st May the Chaplains organised a May Procession to mark the new feast day which Pope Francis has called on all Catholics to celebrate -  Feast of Mary - Mother of the Church. The children gathered in the hall and recited the rosary together, before processing around the side of the school and gathering once more on the playground, where more prayers were said as the children laid their offering of a flower to Mary. It was a wonderful, uplifting service and we must thank our Chaplains and Mrs Cadd for organising it for us.  

Lent Reflection

On Wednesday 21st February our Pupil Chaplains led us in a reflection on the start of Lent. They encouraged us to think about what Lent means to us, how we can change to become more like Jesus in Lent and how we can use prayer to help others during Lent. We were the given the opportunity to add our names to the prayer cross to mark our commitment to our Lent promises. We used the words of Matthew to focus our reflection.


Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. After fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.”

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

Matthew 4:4


Today, our Caritas Ambassadors met with Doug and Alice, the managers of our local charity, ‘Little Monkeys’ for lunch. They discussed ideas for moving forward in supporting the charity. The children had a lovely time listening to stories about those that have been helped through the money that the school has raised.

On Wednesday 6th December our Chaplaincy Team led us in a thoughtful Advent reflection. They reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas and they asked us to think about how we can prepare ourselves for Jesus' birthday. They have been helping us all to prepare by challenging us to complete 13 acts of kindness before we finish school for the Christmas break. They have also asked teachers to look out for the class Star of Advent - the pupil who tries the hardest to walk in Jesus' footsteps during Advent.
The Chaplaincy team have been busy today preparing and handing out prayers to all the pupils. This is so that we are ready to celebrate All Saints Day tomorrow when we remember Saints and Martyrs who sacrificed themselves for Christianity.

On Friday 13th October Father Michael attended school to commission our Pupil Chaplains for this year. Father Michael told the story of St Martin of Tours who inspired Chaplaincy through his example of sacrifice and on whom we have based our Chaplaincy Team prayer.


St Martin of Tours

Inspire us by your example

To show love and kindness to all

Share our talents

Never give up

Make the right choices

And always ask ourselves

'What would Jesus do?'



After the blessing the Pupil Chaplains said the prayer for the whole school. We were very proud of them and wish them well as they take on this important job in our school.

The Chaplaincy team are making lots of money for our charity by selling Rosary beads in the yard. Thank you Chaplains and helpers for all your hard work.
What a lovely Rosary this week in the sunshine! Thank you to everyone who joined us.
Thank you to our wonderful Pupil Chaplains who led the Rosary in the prayer garden on a wet Wednesday lunchtime - it was a very special quiet moment in a busy day. We are looking forward to joining them every Wednesday lunchtime during October.

October - The Month of the Holy Rosary

Caritas Ambassadors Marketplace Event


On Thursday 21st September, some of our Caritas Ambassadors were invited to a Marketplace event at St. Anne's Church in Crumpsall. There were many charities that attended the event who are supported by Caritas. The children had to find out information from each charity then choose a charity to support. It was wonderful to see many of the Caritas Ambassadors from the diocese! We also had the chance to meet Bishop John who talked about the importance of the work that our Caritas Ambassadors do!