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Safeguarding Notice

St Joseph’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies & Statements > Safeguarding Policy.

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Pick Up Zones September 2020

As you have all been made aware the children will be brought out of school to a pick up zone at the front of the school grounds. This is where you will collect them at the end of the school day.

Reception and Year 1 finish at 3pm, Years 2, 3 and 4 finish at 3.10pm and Years 5 and 6 at 3.15pm.

Staff will be out and around to guide you to your child's class. If you have more than one child you will need to move from one pick up zone to the next please.



A - Middle vehicle gate on drive

B - Middle pedestrian gate

C - Electricity building

D - Electricity Building

E - Overflow carpark (top of drive)

F - Outside Cool Cats

Please see the map, which marks out the pickup zones visually for you.


3pm - Reception and Year 1


A - Class 1 Miss Clews

B - Class 2 Mrs Hale

C - Class 3 Mrs Hamer / Mrs Burgess

D - Class 4 Mrs Sutcliffe / Mrs Hastewell


3.10pm - Years 2, 3 and 4


A - Class 5 Miss McQuaid

B - Class 6 Miss Martin

C - Class 7 Miss Mitchell

D - Class 8 Mr Callghan

E - Class 9 Mr Jarvis

F - Class 10 Mrs Loraine


3.15pm - Years 5 and 6


C - Class 11 Mr Parsonage

D - Class 12 Miss Farrelly

E - Class 13 Mrs Gore

F - Class 14 Mr Green

Pick Up Zones Visual Map for parents


Please see below the letter for all parents and children about September. We hope that it answers all of your questions and queries and helps to alleviate any worries that you may have about your children returning to school in September.


Please share this information with your children so that also know what to expect when they return to school.


Thursday 15th July 2020


School Re-opening for all pupils September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,


I am writing to you at the end of a very strange and difficult academic year and a year that certainly none of us could have predicted when we set out in September 2019.


For some of you your child will have been accessing school regularly throughout the period since March, for some your child will have been back with us since June, for some your child will have been accessing short sessions since July and for some of you your child will not have accessed school at all since Friday 20th March. As a head teacher I could never have even considered that this would or could ever have been a possibility, yet somehow we have all pulled together and made the best of a challenging situation.


You will all by now be aware that your child is expected to start back with us in September and I would like to take this opportunity now to ask anyone who has concerns about this, after reading this letter in full, to contact me here at school. We want to work with all parents to ensure that you all feel confident and happy about the measures in place to keep everyone within our school community as safe as possible.


The plans that I am writing to share with you for September are provisional and subject to change and dependent upon government guidance. At the time of writing however, it does seem as though we will be moving forwards and implementing them from September - which I for one am thrilled about. We have missed seeing all of our wonderful children every day, I am proud and delighted to say that we have regularly seen 200 of our 388 children during this period, but it will be a great relief and pleasure to see everyone back together again (even if distanced and in class sets!).

We have worked hard looking at the beginning to the end of a school day here at St Joseph’s and we have risk assessed each element and come up with a plan to limit the risk as much as possible. No amount of planning and risk assessing can eliminate the risk entirely, but our aim is to control the infection as much as possible by following all guidance received from Public Health England, the government and the local authority. Many of the plans for September were implemented in June when we opened more widely, as many of you will know and have experienced, but due to the larger numbers in September and some guidance changes, a number of measures are new and so it is important that all parents read the information thoroughly.

This information below is a brief outline of the detailed planning that has taken place; the full risk assessment will be available for you to view on our school website from Tuesday 21st July 2020.

If you have any further questions or queries, please do get in touch. The best way to ensure the safety or our school community is by working together at this time and offering support to one another.

We are delighted to be able to welcome back all of the children in September. It has been a very challenging period for everyone and getting back to some normality will be a big relief I am sure. It is very important that you go through this information with your child so that they know what to expect on their return and if they have any concerns or questions, then encourage them to ask you or together you can contact us here at school. Enquiries should be emailed through to

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C Dunne

Head teacher


Will all children start back at school on 3rd September 2020

Yes. The government has announced that all children in all year groups are to return to full time education in September. Attendance will be compulsory.

What will social distancing look like at St Joseph’s?

There are a number of things that we will be doing to try our very best to observe social distancing in school and within the school site. These are detailed below.

Beginning and end of the school day -

1. Staggered start time for each of the groups. These will be as follows -

8.30 Year 1 and Year 2

8.40 Reception and Year 3

8.50 Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6

If you have more than one child then please drop them all off at the earliest time.


2. Staggered end of the school day for each group. These will be as follows -

3pm Reception and Year 1

3.10pm Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4

3.15pm Year 5 and Year 6

By staggering start and end times we can control the numbers on the school site and reduce the risk of transmission, as we will all have more space to stick to the 2m social distancing rule.

I will be sending out an electronic form on 1st September to the parents of all children in Year 5 and Year 6, asking about whether or not their child can walk down the drive alone, can walk home alone or must wait at school for an adult to collect them. Please watch out for this form and complete it in good time for us to share the information with class teachers.


3. One parent drop off rule. We will be asking that only one parent / carer comes to school to drop off and also to pick up each child every day. This is really important if we are to keep the numbers on the school site down to a minimum.

4. One-way walking system on the drive for parents and children. You will be asked to walk up towards school using the road and walk down away from school using the pavement. You will be asked to maintain a 2m gap between each family. Vehicles will be prevented from coming under the bridge from 8.25 - 9.00 and 2.25 - 3.25 each day.

5. Morning drop off zone. Parents of children in Years 1 to Years 6 will drop off their children at the middle gate (half way up the drive). A staff member will be at the drop off point and other staff members will line the walkway up to school guiding the children and helping them on their way. The children will all enter the building through the main entrance and be guided to their classroom.

6. Home time pick up zones. Parents will collect children from an area near the top of the drive (the wide areas including the school car park). Children will be in lines with their class teacher and parents will be asked to wait in lines (2m apart). The same one way system for parents will be in place so up the road and down the pavement. When you get to the front of the queue for your child’s class, the teacher will dismiss them to you. We will be asking for your patience so that we can do this carefully and calmly. Staff will be on the drive and around the pick up zones to direct you to the correct place. We will write soon with full details of pick up zones.

7. Parent communication with school. If parents need to speak to a staff member at either the start or end of the day, they will be asked to phone the school office and provide the information that way. Only in exceptional circumstances will parents be authorised to go to the school office and speak to staff in person. All meetings with parents will be pre-arranged via the school office and all social distancing measures will be followed throughout.

Classes and Classrooms -

1. Class sizes. Classes will be back to normal. One teacher and where possible one teaching assistant will be allocated to work with each class.

2. Classroom organised to promote social distancing. All children will remain in their own classroom or own allocated indoor area for all lessons, with the exception of P.E. lessons and any outdoor learning. All unnecessary equipment will be removed and stored elsewhere during this period, in particular soft furnishings or difficult to clean toys/equipment. All individual pupils must have their own water bottle labelled with their name. Cloakrooms will be used by no more than 2 at a time and children’s belongings will be spread out as much as possible. Social distancing and hygiene posters will be displayed on doors and at the front of each classroom.


Y2 to Y6 classrooms will be set up so that children are seated in pairs with their desks facing the front of the room. Where the classrooms are big enough, a carpet area will be left clear so that children can still participate in carpet time learning at the front of the room. During carpet time the children will be spaced out and not facing each other, they will be side by side and as far apart as possible. The children will be provided with their own equipment packs for use throughout the day. This will kept on their desks at all times and they will be responsible for cleaning their equipment at the end of each day.


Y1 children will have both seated areas and also provision areas. When seated there will be two children to a desk and facing the front. When at tables the children will be provided with their own equipment packs. Provision areas will be limited and only 3 children permitted in to each area at any one time. During carpet time the children will be spaced out and not facing each other, they will be side by side and as far apart as possible.


Reception classes will continue to be taught through continuous provision, plus our normal phonics, maths and religion sessions. Every class will have access to the outdoors for the majority of the school day. Provision areas in the indoor classrooms will be separated in to three areas with one indoor room for Class 1 and one for Class 2 and then a shared room which will be used by both classes - the use of this will be timetabled. During carpet time the children will be spaced out and not facing each other, they will be sat side by side and as far apart as possible.




Break and lunch times:

1. Playground zones. We are lucky to have quite a large playground area. We have created 4 zones for children to access during their break times. Each day the children will be allocated a zone and they will use this zone for outdoor learning and break time. The zone will change each day so that they have the opportunity throughout the week to access all areas of the school playground and therefore a variety of equipment and resources. The fixed equipment and resources will be cleaned down each day. Each class will have their own equipment bag to take outside and use during break times. This equipment will be cleaned down each day.


2. Staggered first play time. All year groups will have different times for their play time so that there are only small numbers accessing the outdoors at once. The children will be accompanied by the same adults at these times as they are with during their learning time.


3. Staggered lunch times.

Reception and Year 1 - each class will have a 30 minute eating time and a 30 minute play time. The children will have a set time to be in the hall with their class group to eat their lunch. All children will eat in the hall. They will also have a set time for their outdoor lunch play. They will stay in their class groups throughout and have an allocated lunchtime supervisor.

Years 2 to 6 - each class will have a 30 minute eating time and a 30 minute play time. The children who have a school meal will eat in the hall and the children who have packed lunches from home will eat their lunches at their desks in the classroom.


Other social distancing measures -


P.E. will be taught in Years 1 to 6 by Mr Riley in a timetabled slot, where possible the lesson will be outside. All planned activities will avoid contact games and sports. Equipment will be wiped down at the end of each session and sometimes during sessions, where necessary. All P.E. equipment will be thoroughly cleaned at the end of the school day. No two classes will use the same equipment within a school day. Mr Riley is working between the groups and so will be keeping a 2m distance at all times. The class TA will always be present in the lessons to provide support to the children.


Corridors and stairwells. All classes will have a route planned out for them to follow to access the playground, the hall etc and these will be planned so that there is little or no chance of children having to pass one another in corridors. The classes upstairs will have an allocated stairwell for use at all times.


What hygiene measures are being put in place at St Joseph’s?


Handwashing. This is a very important part of hygiene control as I am sure you know. We will have regular handwashing throughout the school day. The first being at the start of the day as children enter school, then again before and after eating and also after any P.E. sessions, outdoor play or outdoor learning. A handwashing routine for adults is also in place.


Ventilation. We will be keeping windows and doors open as much as possible where safe to do so, in order to have fresh air circulating around school at all times.


Uniform. Children will be asked to wear their school uniform to school. We ask that parents insist on their child changing out of their uniform as soon as they get home from school and where possible providing clean uniform as often as possible. We have lots of spare uniform at school if you require it, please contact the school office to access this. On the days that your child has p.e. in school, they must come to school in their p.e. kit (please see the uniform letter which describes the suitable kit). They can wear trainers (Velcro please if they cannot tie laces) with their p.e. kit. This means that p.e. kits won’t be left in school and it also means that staff will not have to have lots of close contact to support children changing. We have been doing this since June and parents have reported how well this works and the teachers agree too!

Cleaning. Throughout the pandemic we have increased our cleaning of the school environment. This will continue once more children begin to access school again. Communal areas are cleaned twice a day, as are door handles and light switches within every classroom. All surfaces in classrooms are cleaned thoroughly each day and more if needed. Every class will have their own cleaning equipment for use throughout the day, they will also have their own supply of tissues, hand sanitiser, soap and paper towels. Cleaning of outdoor equipment will be on a daily basis.

How are St Joseph’s putting infection control measures in place?

School office. Only one person will be admitted to the main entrance waiting area at any one time. The glass window will remain shut at all times and only those who need to be admitted to the school building and are deemed safe to do so, will enter.

Visitors. Very few visitors will be permitted entry to school and only by prior arrangement and this will include parents. All visitors will be asked to use the hand sanitiser prior to entering and then asked to wash their hands with soap in the facilities provided before moving in to the wider school building. All visitors will be asked on entry whether they have symptoms of Covid-19 and if possible all visitors will have been sent an information leaflet prior to coming to site advising them to stay at home if they do have symptoms.

Mixing of pupils. Pupils will remain in their class sets and not mix. A detailed letter about Cool Cats will be sent out shortly.

Personal Protective Equipment. This will be provided to staff members if there is a need, such as if they need to get close to a child to support them with toileting. First aiders will also be provided with PPE for when they are administering first aid.

Staff / Pupils / Parents presenting with symptoms. Any adult presenting on the school site with symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to leave immediately and advised to self-isolate for 7 days themselves and have their household members isolate for 14 days. The adult will be advised to arrange to be tested for Covid-19.

If a child presents with symptoms, parents will be called immediately and asked to collect their child as soon as possible. They will be asked to follow government guidelines around self-isolation. School will advise parents to take their child for testing if they have symptoms. Schools will be provided with a small sample of testing kits, which may be given if parents are unable to take their child to a testing centre.  If a member of the school community was to test positive then further action would be taken by the school to protect the wider school community. In short this would result in the full class plus staff being asked to self-isolate for 14 days. If this was to occur then remote education would be provided to all pupils. Full guidance on school’s response to this situation can be found via this link -


Go to sections 7 and 8 of the following online documents -

Stay at home guidance can be found here:


What will be provided for my child’s education if they have to self-isolate or if their teacher has to?

Individual pupils self-isolating - a paper pack will be provided to complete at home, one week at a time. This will be based, as much as possible on the work being completed at school by the rest of the class. A phone call  or Zoom chat will be organised each week with the class teacher if possible, or our Pastoral Office, Mrs Vernon. You will be asked to use Oak Aacdemy, My Maths and Study Ladder for online resources with you child, this will all be detailed in the pack provided.

One isolating teacher - a supply will be used, or internal cover if this can be arranged.

Whole class plus staff self-isolating: we will then work in the same way as we have for this period of closure. Our website will be used to share weekly learning. Tasks will be broken down into days of the week to provide structure for the children. We will use My Maths, Oak Academy and Study Ladder and we will also provide a paper pack each week if parents request it.

Class teachers will arrange to meet via Zoom with each pupil once during each week of isolation. (If the teacher is well and not ill). The school’s Zoom policy will be sent home for parents to read prior to the meetings. Both the class TA and teacher will be present in the meetings so that two staff members are always present at all times.

Whole school closure or local lockdown - if this happens then we will revert back to the way we have worked throughout the period of closure. We will include weekly Zoom calls or phone call to all pupils.

What if my child has special educational needs? The SENCO (Mrs Russell) will be responsible for considering all pupils who are self-isolating on the SEN register. She will organise for individual home learning plans to be created where needed - this will be a mixture of online learning using the resources named above, but chosen specifically for the needs of your child and printed packs will also be available and they can be personalised again to the child’s learning needs and current attainment.


In school use of resources. Any resources that will be shared amongst the school community will be disinfected daily. They will only be used by any one class during one school day, so that they are always cleaned before being handled by a wider group. Only those resources that are easy to clean will be kept in classrooms or used outdoors during this period.


Limits on bags and equipment / uniform. Children will only be required to bring a water bottle (labelled with their name), their reading book which will be sent home in a plastic wallet and, if they have one, their packed lunch each day. Please do not allow your child to bring anything more with them. If they bring a bag, pencil cases etc, they will all be sent back home with you when you drop them off at the school gate. Please save your money and do not buy new rucksacks / bags etc. This is a key way of reducing the risk of infection within the school community.

After school activities/sports - there will not be any after school activities until restrictions around distancing and the mixing of class sets has been reduced. The only after school club provision will be for working parents via Cool Cats.

Cool Cats (before and after school club) - full information will be sent out later this week. It has been very difficult to organise and has required a significant increase in staffing. Luckily we have many staff who are willing to support with this so that we can provide this vital service to working parents. The morning session will remain the same and run from 7.30 until the start of the school day. The evening session will initially be from the end of the school day until 4.30pm. We will be reviewing this at October half term, when we hope to be able to extend the evening session back to our normal times. Cool Cats will only be available to those parents who book in advance. You will not be able to phone school on the day, or just turn up in the morning. It will be a strictly pre-book service. Parents will be sent a form by the end of the week to complete to indicate when they require the provision. If you need to discuss this service, please contact me at school.



Cool Cats Letter - September Opening 2020


Thursday 16th July 2020

Cool Cats Information for September 2020

Dear Parents / Carers,


As you are aware, during the period since 20th March 2020 until the end of the summer term, we have only been able to offer Cool Cats Before and After School Care Provision for the children of key workers. I would like to thank all families for your understanding and support throughout this time with regards to this decision. I know how difficult it has been for families and your support has been very much appreciated.


From September, Cool Cats will once again be open for all our children. The governors and I recognise that this is a vital service for working parents and it is important that we do what is necessary in order to be able to open safely for all who need it.

Breakfast Club will remain the same time, it will open daily at 7.30 a.m. and run up until the start of the school day.

After School Club has had to change its hours. These changes will be reviewed regularly and as soon as restrictions around distancing and the mixing of pupils are relaxed, we will look to moving back to our normal times. The changes are due to us having to triple the number of staff that we will require to run the service and therefore the additional costs this entails. We do not want to pass these costs on to families and so the best decision for all was to reduce the service slightly. After school club will therefore run from the end of the school day until 4.30p.m. daily.


Booking a place - Parents will now have to book their children in for sessions. Children cannot just turn up at Breakfast Club unannounced and parents cannot phone during the day and ask if their child can attend Cool Cats that night. We will be strictly adhering to bookings only, so please do not put staff in difficult situations by not doing so.


How do I book in? A link to an electronic form will be sent out later today via text message to all parents for completion. This form will ask you to let us know if you need the service, if you have fixed days that you need and if you do have fixed days then you can identify them on the form. If you have fixed days then you will only have to let us know this once and your child will be added to the register for the days and times requested.


Those parents who work different days each week or work shifts will be asked to complete the first three questions on the form and then to email the office ( and let us know about your working hours and how far in advance you will be able to inform us of your needs. We will require you to send through your booking each week for the following week and we will then add your child to the registers for the days requested.

The children will be separated out in to their class sets whilst in Cool Cats so that we are not mixing groups. We will be using the hall and classrooms for the provision, so in September we will let you know where to pick up your child from. Drop off at in the morning will always be at the Cool Cats door. Where possible the children will be cared for and supervised by an adult from within their own class during their time in Cool Cats - again to limit the mixing of groups. This means that we have had to ask many of our teaching assistants to work overtime and I am so grateful to them for agreeing to this.

Please check your emails and text messages regularly for updates about Cool Cats and contact the school office if you wish to discuss any of this further.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs C Dunne

Head teacher

September 2020 Full Re-opening for all pupils