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Class 8 (Year 3)

Friday 15th May - Today we became ancient Egyptian embalmers!

Easter Garden Competition

6.3.23 Spanish - Today we learned about Spanish traditions and took part in a carnival celebration.

W/c 27.2.23 - World Book Week

What did we do this week?

10.2.23 - Science - How do different liquids effect the enamel of our teeth?

In today's lesson, we learnt about tooth decay. This is what happens when bacteria in our mouths produce plaque. This sticky substance slowly dissolves the enamel of our teeth. We discussed how different foods and drinks can also weaken our enamel. Mr Jarvis explained that eggshells are made of enamel, just like our teeth! We looked at some different liquids and predicted which one we thought would weaken our tooth enamel the most. We then set up an experiment, in which we placed eggs in different liquids. We will record our observations over the next week and see if our predictions were correct.

9.2.23 Topic - How was cuneiform created?

7.2.23 Safer Internet Day

We began our afternoon by discussing all the things we love about the internet. We created our own 'alpha-net'. In pairs we thought of an app, website, Youtuber etc. that began with each letter of the alphabet. We then talked about some of the things that bother us about being online. We put these ideas onto a scale ranging from, bothers us the most, to least. Following this we talked about how important it is to stay safe. We learned about 'Zip It, Block It, Flag It'.

6.2.23 - Children's Mental Health Week

To celebrate Children's Mental Health Week, we discussed things in life we are grateful for, as we have been focusing on developing an 'attitude of gratitude' this half term. We spoke about how it is important to be grateful for all the positive people and experiences our lives have to offer. We then each wrote a letter to someone in order to express our gratitude. 

23.1.23 - Science - The Digestion System

Today, we worked in groups to create a practical demonstration of how our digestion system works. The plastic bag represented our stomach, the orange juice -our stomach acid and the tights represented our intestines. We learned how nutrients are absorbed into the body through the intestines.

5.1.23 Conscience Alley - Epiphany - Religion

Today we discussed the events of the Epiphany. We began to imagine what the Wise men must have thought when given the decision to return to Herod or not. We thought of reasons for and against and acted as the conscience of the Wise men. 

4.1.23 - Topic - Ancient Sumer

Today we looked at identifying a range of artifacts from the Ancient Sumer as a way of learning what life may had been like over 5000 years ago.

Spring 1 - Newsletter - Ancient Sumer

Today we discussed the Christian tradition of the Jesse Tree. We spoke of the prophecy of Isiah - 'There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit.' Each child was given a symbol of one of Jesus' ancestors. The children then used bibles and tablets to find the corresponding scripture. The children then summarised what they had learned about their given ancestor through writing and pictures.

7.12.22 - Farmer Time - Science

Today, we spoke with our Farmer Time Partner (Farmer Tom). He explained how important it is to feed his animals the correct foods to ensure they have the right amount of nutrients to stay healthy. We spoke about how our teeth differ from dogs, as they are carnivores, and sheep as they are herbivores. Farmer Tom then explained how sheep struggle to receive all the nutrients they need from eating grass in winter and he can tell this as the sheep begin eating the bark off the trees! This is a clear sign that the sheep are not receiving the essential vitamins and minerals they needed. Tom showed us the sheep food. It looked disgusting!

As a way of preparing ourselves throughout Advent, we thought about the things we are grateful for in our lives. We then created our own baubles for our class tree which describe the things that we are grateful to god for providing us.

Tuesday 28th November 2022


Year 3 Advent Fundraiser



Dear Parents and Carers,


Advent is an important part in the Catholic liturgical calendar. A time for us to prepare ourselves for the coming of our Saviour. One of the ways in which we can prepare ourselves is to focus on helping and supporting others. Each class in school is therefore going to engage in a fundraising activity to raise funds for the homeless charity, Bed for a Night. This is the charity that we supported last Advent too - we raised enough to provide for 27 people to have beds for a night and a Christmas dinner). When we reflect upon Christmas we often think of family and being at home and as part of our social justice teaching in school, often the children then reflect on the fact that being homeless at Christmas must be incredibly difficult - even more so than the rest of the year. This is why we support this incredible charity. Please support your child and join us in opening a door of hope to some of the most vulnerable in our society this Advent by joining in with our fundraising activities.


This year, we invite pupils in Year 3 to join in our Festive Thursday by coming to school dressed in something festive / Christmassy on Thursday 15th December. You do not need to buy something new for your child, it could just be something that your child would wear on Christmas Day e.g. a party dress or Christmas jumper. Please also ensure that your child wears something appropriate for school and the weather on that day.


The ‘cost’ of dressing in your own festive clothes is a donation of 50p - £1. 


Many thanks for your continued support.


We wish you all a happy, healthy and holy Advent.


Miss Martin and Mr Jarvis

Year 3 Teachers

Autumn 2 Newsletter - Year 3

SMART Pupil - Autumn 1

Dear Parents and Carers,


This half term those of us in Year 3 will be learning about the Stone Age.  As part of our topic, we will be watching a Stone Age production and taking part in a workshop delivered by Hobgoblin Theatre Group. The purpose of the visit is to enhance the learning experience for the children, providing an experience that immerses them in what Stone Age life was like – particularly for children in this time-period.


The day will take place on Thursday 29th September 2022, within the hours of the usual school day, at school. However, to enhance the day, we are requesting that children come into school dressed as a Stone Age child. We have given some ideas for what the children could wear on the day below. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for school by having them wear items under their costume that cover their arms, chests and legs (maybe shorts and a t-shirt for example). This is just for a bit of fun, so please keep it simple, we would not like anyone to feel that there is a need to spend lots of money, there absolutely isn’t.


Please also note that Class 8 would usually have PE on Thursday but to enable full participation within the workshop they will not do P.E. on this day.




If you have any questions or queries about the enrichment experience, please do not hesitate to contact one of us here at school.


Yours sincerely,



Miss Martin and Mr Jarvis


Year 3 Class Teachers


Monday 5th September

Today we became archaeologists! We dug trenches in the school field and found artefacts relating to the Stone Age.

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers, 


We welcome your children back to a new school year in Year 3! We hope that you have had a lovely Summer and are now looking forward to this academic year filled with lots of great learning. Look out for our half termly newsletters informing you of what your child will be focussing on this year.


Your child's class teacher is Miss Martin and our teaching assistants are Miss Worsley and Mrs Smith. Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. 


Remember to check our web page for learning taking place in our class each term!


Mr Jarvis