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St Joseph’s RC Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. All staff, governors and volunteers are expected to share this commitment. For more information please see our safeguarding policy which can be found under Key Information > Policies & Statements > Safeguarding Policy.

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Class 8 (Year 3)

17.4.24 - We are Egyptologists!

Today, we imagined that we were joining an excavation in Egypt. We carefully dug through the sand to see if we could find any artefacts. We then drew what we found, just like Howard Carter. 

Tropical World - 15.4.24

St. Joseph's Day

To celebrate our school's patron saint, we learned that St. Joseph is also the Patron Saint of Travelers. We planned and delivered
our own celebration of the word in class to celebrate the occasion together. We also created our own artwork which demonstrates St. Joseph as the Patron Saint of Travelers.

Science - 6.3.24

Today we became botanists! We planned out investigations in our groups to find out what a plant needs to grow strong and healthy. The children then set up their investigations.

We are Botanists!

Spring 2 Newsletter

Today we learned all about inventions and discoveries made by the Ancient Sumerians. We then had a go at writing our name using cuneiform into pieces of clay.

1.11.23 We made disgusting sandwiches ready for writing list poems!

Newsletter - Autumn 2 We Are Cartographers!

Today we walked to Railway Street. When we arrived, we sketched maps of the area and collected data to find out which road was busier: Railway Street or Manchester Street.

Happy World Mental Health Day

Today we wore yellow to celebrate World Mental Health Day and brought in donations to support the charity Young Minds. We began our session discussing what mental health is. We came up with a class definition: " Looking after our own thoughts and feelings,."

We then took part in a Happy Breathing session to help find our own 'Happy Place', where we feel safe, calm and relaxed. 


For support at home with this please look at the following resources:

Friday 22nd September - Famer Time!

Today we met Farmer Tom. We will be working together this year to discuss how our learning in the classroom is useful in the wider world, especially on Tom's farm. We asked Tom lots of questions and are excited to get to know more about life on the farm. He told us that he will be on BBC1 this Sunday at 6pm on Countryfile. Tune in to find out all about harvesting.

Friday 22nd September - Liturgy - International Day of Peace

20.9.23 - Stone Age Day

20.9.23 - Stone Age Day- Stone Age Art

In the afternoon, we looked at a variety of cave art discovered around Europe. We noticed how many of the images were of people and animals. We discussed how animals were very important as people were hunter-gatherers and needed to hunt for their survival. We noticed the colours used were very limited and were made using natural pigments. 

20.9.23 - Stone Age Day - Workshop

During the workshop, we worked together to create freeze-frames to show how people lived throughout the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.

20.9.23 - Stone Age Day - Performance - Prehistoric Park

We began the day with a performance of Prehistoric Park. In this performance we learned about the chronology and changes of life in the Stone Age to the Bronze Age.

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18.9.23 We are historians!

In today's lesson, we looked at the chronology of British history by exploring our school time line. We discussed the importance of reading and writing when it comes to history. Time before written records is known as pre-history. In table groups, we then created
our own timelines before recording these in our books.

15.9.23 - We are geologists!

In today's lesson we became geologists. We drew Venn diagrams on our desks and sorted a variety of rocks according to their shape, colour and how they felt. We discussed that today we had been classifying and grouping.

History - 5.6.23 - We are archaeologists!

Today we went on to the school field to excavate our very own dig site. We became archaeologists as we discovered Stone Age artefacts. We carefully used our hands and paint brushes so we would not damage our discoveries.


Dear Parents/Carers, 


We welcome your children back to a new school year in Year 3! We hope that you have had a lovely Summer and are now looking forward to this academic year filled with lots of great learning. Look out for our half termly newsletters informing you of what your child will be focussing on this year.


Your child's class teacher is Mr Jarvis and our teaching assistant is Miss Worsley. Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. 


Remember to check our web page for learning taking place in our class each term!


Mr Jarvis